TSG Water Resources

Existing Plants

Once you have made an investment in a treatment system, it is important to maximize the use and benefit of that investment. TSG is unique in its capability and experience with repairing, upgrading and expanding existing plants, no matter the technology, the condition and the demand. In most cases, we can help you continue to utilize what you have at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

  • Maximizing Your Investment

    If you have an existing desalination plant or wastewater treatment plant, you likely want to maximize its efficiency and extend its useful life, but you must have reliable utility service. Our approach is to help you achieve these important goals.
  • Deferred Maintenance

    Many plants that have been in place for some time, especially those on islands and in coastal communities, will suffer from varying levels of deferred maintenance, whether that is corrosion, poor membrane performance, decreased pump or blower performance, issues with controls or instrumentation, or other such problems. TSG has the capability to diagnose the issue and implement the solution, and we can do so in short order.
  • Upgrades to Increase Efficiency and Decrease Costs

    Plants that were designed and built a number of years ago may benefit from some of the newer technologies that have more recently been commercialized. For desalination plants, this may consist of newer, more efficient membranes or energy recovery devices. For wastewater plants, this might involve an upgrade and expansion by converting your extended aeration or SBR plant to an MBR plant. In many cases, these improvements can pay for themselves as a result of savings you will realize.
  • Improve Quality and Reliability

    In some cases, the plants you have may not be providing the reliability or quality of service you and your customers require. TSG can provide a cost-effective solution that could involve addressing deferred maintenance, upgrades or expansions, or long-term operation and maintenance services.
  • Operation and Maintenance Services.

    TSG operates and maintains plants for its customers on a basis that surpasses any other company in the industry. In most cases, these services consist of full time O&M services where TSG is fully responsible for the plants, including all repairs and replacements for the term of the agreement for fixed and agreed costs, and we guarantee reliability. In other cases, TSG provides periodic service that can significantly enhance plant service and longevity.
  • How We Work

    If you have a plant that is not providing reliable service, is inefficient or needs repair, TSG can help.

    Initial Assessment: TSG can provide an initial assessment and preliminary report at little or no cost. Depending on the circumstances, we may provide a firm proposal for a repair or simple upgrade, or we might provide a preliminary plan to upgrade, expand or modify your plant.  We can also provide a proposal to assume the operation and maintenance of the plant on a basis that meets your particular needs.

    Preliminary Agreement: If the need is for something more than a simple repair or replacement, we would seek to reach an agreement with you that would allow for a more complete engineering review and development of a firm pricing proposal within a process that will reflect your goals, budget and timing.

    Engineering Review and Firm Proposal: Once we have an agreement in place that is acceptable to you, TSG can conduct a detailed inspection and engineering analysis to finalize a plan and provide a firm proposal to implement the plan, including if desired the long term operation and maintenance of the plant.

    Plan Implementation: TSG has the capability to implement the plan we develop that can include:

    • Negotiated solutions performed by TSG or solicitation of multiple proposals for various aspects of plan
    • Oversight of all work conducted by others
    • Guaranteed results
    • Long term operation and maintenance with guaranteed performance and reliability and protection of your investment