TSG Water Resources

New Plants

If you need a new water plant or wastewater treatment plant, TSG can design and implement a complete, turnkey solution. Unlike many other companies, TSG does not simply provide a manufactured unit. Instead, we can work with you through the entire process of planning, budgeting, designing, permitting, fabrication, installation, commissioning and long-term operation and maintenance.

  • Single Point of Contact

    TSG can be your single point of contact and responsibility for both water and wastewater treatment systems, beginning with the original master plans for these utilities and continuing through their design, construction and operation.
  • Master Planning

    Utilizing our extensive experience in coastal and island hotels and developments, TSG can help you plan the most cost-effective solutions for your treatment systems and related facilities.
  • Budgetary Proposals and Layouts

    During your planning and budgeting process, TSG can provide preliminary budgets for the design, construction and operation of treatment systems, as well as layouts and footprints for these utilities.
  • Firm Proposals to Design, Build and Operate

    Once the treatment systems have been defined, TSG can provide firm proposals for the design, construction and operation of these systems.
  • Permitting

    TSG can work with your team to ensure that all required environmental and building permits are timely issued.
  • Coordination

    TSG will work closely with your team to ensure that the treatment systems are ready when you need them. Our team is experienced in working in multiple countries and can deal effectively with all the issues associated with working abroad.