TSG Water Resources

Plant Support

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and an operator of many plants, TSG can support your plant and its operation by providing consumables, parts and engineered solutions on an ongoing and cost-effective basis.

  • Chemicals and Consumables

    TSG can supply your operator with all kinds of pretreatment and post treatment chemicals, as well as other types of consumables that are used in plant operationIMG_0285-revs.
  • Parts

    TSG has established relationships with many of the key suppliers of water and wastewater treatment equipment, which allows it to procure parts and plant components at favorable pricing which it can pass along to TSG’s customers. Because TSG has a full engineering staff, we are also able to identify appropriate  replacement parts when the original ones become obsolete or are not performing adequately.
  • Tools and Equipment

    Every plant must have an assortment of tools and equipment, including lab and test equipment. TSG can provide a variety of items on a favorable basis.
  • Engineered Solutions

    In many cases, certain aspects of a plant are not operating adequately or require replacement. TSG can design and fabricate virtually any aspect of a plant that requires replacement or repair.