TSG Water Resources
Date:March 30, 2013

Diamante Cabo san Lucas


This property was planned as a large golf course community in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico. The property already had one golf course in place with plans for two more, as well as a hotel, single family residences, villas and multiple other amenities. The 4000 cubic meter (1.1 MGD) desalination plant was several years old and had not been properly maintained, and it had become increasingly unreliable.


TSG was retained to take over the operation of this 4000 cubic meter (1.1 million gallon) per day seawater reverse osmosis plant designed and built by others and bring it back to top condition. TSG completed a thorough inspection of all aspects of the plant and made recommendations to the owner of what would be needed both to address items of deferred maintenance but also to improve the longevity, reliability and efficiency of the plant.


TSG assumed operation of the plant with no interruption in service. TSG has worked closely with the owner to address numerous items of deferred maintenance in a way that met their cash flow requirements and maximized water production during critical times. TSG has completed the needed upgrades and is now operating the plant. The improvements to the plant have been significant and the owner has will now have a reliable source of water for both potable supply and irrigation.