Design, Construction and Commissioning of Complete Systems

TSG can design and implement a complete turnkey solution. Unlike many other companies, TSG does not simply provide a manufactured unit. Instead, we can work with you and your team to design build and commission the entire treatment system.

Desalination Systems

  • Feedwater wells and open sea intakes

  • Brine discharge, whether through wells or outfalls

  • Finished water pumping systems

  • Building and tank designs

  • Assisting with water quality issues throughout storage and distribution

  • Can significantly increase quality, reliability and capacity in existing tankage

MBR Benefits

  • Smallest possible footprint

  • Lowest possible odors

  • Removes bacteria and viruses

  • Guaranteed safety of effluent for irrigation in guest areas

  • Higher nitrogen removal than any other process

Wastewater Systems

TSG has special expertise in treatment systems using membrane bioreactors (MBRs).