TSG Water Resources

What We Offer

TSG is unique in the range of products and services it offers in our markets. As a result, TSG can be your single point of contact and responsibility for all your water supply and wastewater treatment requirements.

  • Our Services

    Treatment System Experts. TSG has unparalleled engineering expertise and deep operational experience in water and wastewater utilities in coastal and island environments. Treatment plants and systems are all we do at TSG; no other company in our markets has the depth of knowledge and experience we do in the design, construction and operation of both desalination and wastewater treatment systems in these environments.

    New and Existing Plants. TSG can provide whatever you need for your water or wastewater treatment requirements, whether that is delivering a new plant on a turnkey basis, upgrading or modifying your existing plant, or simply operating and maintaining an existing plant.

    Leading Edge TechnologyLeading Edge Technologies. We at TSG pride ourselves on identifying and utilizing leading edge technologies that can provide significant benefits to our clients. Many of the newer technologies can reduce power costs and increase efficiencies and reliability, resulting in significant cost savings and a longer useful life.

    St. Thomas. Island and Coastal ExperienceIsland and Coastal Experience. Most of the work that TSG does is in the islands of the Caribbean and in coastal areas. These environments are harsh and corrosive, and only the highest quality materials and aggressive preventive maintenance programs can keep your plants operating as the fully reliable utilities you need.

    CaboResorts and Private Developments. TSG has special experience and expertise in the large, high-end resort market, especially golf course resorts. These properties have particular requirements that must be taken into consideration when planning, building and operating utilities, including sound attenuation, finished water quality, incremental phasing, and odor control. All of these are issues with which TSG has extensive experience and for which we have effective solutions.

  • Our Approach

    Custom Turnkey Projects. Unlike many other suppliers, TSG provides a total solution to our clients, not just a manufactured process unit. We design our systems specifically for your requirements, including feedwater supply, brine discharge, pretreatment, post treatment, finished water pumping, storage and long term operation and maintenance.

    Our ApproachBuilt for the Islands. TSG designs and builds its plants specifically for harsh island and coastal environments which are highly corrosive. We use only the highest grade materials that are corrosion resistant and will last for many, many years. In our experience, the cost in repairs, replacements and reliability far outweigh the relatively modest cost of lesser quality construction.

    Energy Efficiency. In most of the markets we serve, power is extremely expensive. It is therefore imperative that the entire system be designed to minimize the use of power.

    Our approachLowest Life Cycle Cost. In providing treatment systems and services to our clients, our primary focus is on making sure that the systems will provide the lowest life cycle cost possible. In many cases, especially where power costs are high, the cost of operating these systems can far outweigh the capital cost of constructing them, so using the most energy efficient design and components and the most robust materials are paramount.

  • Desalination Systems

    Seawater and Brackish Water. We design, build and operate both seawater and brackish water desalination systems.

    Desalination Systems: Related FacilitiesRelated Facilities. We can also design and implement all related facilities, including feedwater and disposal wells, seawater intakes and brine discharges, pretreatment and post treatment systems, and finished water pumping systems.

    energyEfficiencyEnergy Efficiency. TSG uses highly efficient positive displacement membrane feed pumps wherever possible, along with pressure exchanger energy recovery units and highly efficient membranes. We also minimize other pumping requirements to avoid unnecessary power costs.
  • Wastewater Systems

    All Types and Technologies. We design, build and operate all types of wastewater treatment plants, including extended aeration plants, sequencing batch reactor (SBR) plants and membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants. TSG is not tied to any one type of technology but can provide exactly the right solution for each client.

    Special Expertise in MBRs. TSG has special expertise in treatment systems using membrane bioreactors (MBRs). MBRs provide the most advanced treatment possible for wastewater, and TSG has experience and can provide both hollow fiber and flat plate types. MBRs have distinct advantages particularly for resort properties, including a small footprint; guaranteed high quality, odorless and safe effluent for irrigation; ability to handle significant changes in flows; simple phasing without operational interruptions; and greater assurance against odors at the plant.

  • Operation and Maintenance

    Frenchman's ReefThe Right Solution. Whatever your needs and budget, TSG can design the right operational support service for you, whether that is full time, full responsibility or periodic support of your own staff, and whether that consists of weekly, monthly or quarterly services.

    Full Responsibility O&M. Most of TSG’s clients have found that retaining TSG to take full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of its plant makes the most sense in the long run. When TSG assumes full responsibility, we guarantee the plant’s reliability, you will have guaranteed and predictable costs for the term of the agreement, and we will assure you protection of your investment. In this arrangement, TSG takes 100% responsibility for all repairs and replacements of mechanical equipment, including membranes, for the term of the agreement, up to 15 to 20 years.

    Related Systems. TSG can also take responsibility for related mechanical systems like high service pumping systems and lift stations.