Long-term Operation of Systems

tsgwater.com water treatment solutions

With the goal of ensuring reliable, cost-effective service to our clients, TSG typically assumes full responsibility for the plants we build. For existing plants that we did not build, we can offer a labor only or more limited scope of responsibility.

tsgwater.com water treatment solutions

O&M Benefits

  • Daily service visits to the plant

  • Remote monitoring 24/7

  • Preventive maintenance activities

  • Pre-treatment chemicals

  • Post-treatment chemicals

  • Daily water analysis

  • Emergency call out when necessary 24/7

  • All labor needed to perform repairs on equipment at the plant

  • Data analysis by engineering staff to note and follow any trends that may indicate problems in the plant

  • Membrane profiles and probing

  • Weekly production reports

  • Monthly report submittals your staff

  • Replacement parts inventory